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Auspicious Living with Feng Shui



Space from the HimalayasIt is with great pleasure that I contribute to spreading the knowledge of Chue Style Feng Shui that I practice and teach.

Originally trained as a language teacher and teaching with a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy (University of Budapest Hungary) I never imagined I would become a regular columnist in the Radiance Magazine as a “House Doctor.”
My Feng Shui journey

My studies with Shamanic masters from North America, Bali and Space clearing professionals allowed me to become skilled in sensing the “energy.”

Through research in power places such as Stonehenge, the Scottish highlands, the 80 – year-old Bali High Temple (Pura Kenen) and Australia’s Red centre helped my ability to read energies also in buildings and their surroundings.

Under the tutelage of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, I began to comprehend the ancient science of Feng Shui on a deeper level.  Coming from a line of Taoist Great Grand Masters (Imperial Style of Feng Shui) he was able to predict the fall of stocks in US in 2001 and natural disasters like Tsunami 2005.

This life-changing knowledge has made a big difference in my health, carrier and family life. I managed to become full time practitioner, founded two companies and two schools of Feng Shui, doctored my children’s and my husband’s health and business successfully.


LAI121120_08_galYou as well can benefit from the topics that will be covered in the next issues of this magazine:

  • Energise your life with Feng Shui in your bedroom, office and kitchen.
  • How can you benefit from the year of the Chinese Rat 2008?
  • Clear away stagnant energy from your home creating a healthy, joyous environment.
  • Spice up your life with Feng Shui in the kitchen.
  • Learn from the ancient skills of face reading; that is, searching for the features which reveal your personality and carrier potential.


What is and what is Not Feng Shui?

325b1__Feng-Shui-A-balance-of-elementsFeng Shui correctly applied cannot harm you or be detrimental to you and your surroundings.
It can only be beneficial.  Feng Shui is neither a religion, nor is it necessary to follow any religion to understand it.
Asking someone if they believe in Feng Shui is like asking if someone believes in the weather.
What can Feng Shui do for you?

The underlying principle of Feng Shui is to live with harmony within your environment so that the energy in your space works for you rather than against you.
You would not want to swim against the tide.
Results, results, results.

Although it is a fact that external and internal surroundings affect our lives, most people in our hastened modern life do not seek solutions from their environment.

Classical authentic Feng Shui is practiced very differently from new age Feng Shui. The modern western practice tends to use various disciplines ranging from the use of crystals, aromatherapy, wind chimes and wealth corners.
Chue Style Feng Shui

The core of genuine Feng Shui is to present a proof of how the earth energy (Yin) and the heaven’s energy (Yang) shape the building’s health over periods of time and in the present.
It does not only focus on the relationship between physical shapes and sizes, but is based on scientific calculations related to planetary movements. The compass, with its Eight Trigrams of the I Ching is a tool used to establish the quality of ’location’ Chi and that of cardinal directions.

The Chinese horoscope of the occupants will also be prepared to establish how they interact with the earth’s Chi of the location.

As we enter a new era of Feng Shui in our Western Culture you are probably interested in the question “Where do I begin?” to use good Feng Shui in my home or at work.

Here are some useful Feng Shui Hints to minimize the symptoms of negative and weak energy where you live.

water fall in gardenHome

  • Keep doors and corridors in homes and offices clear from clutter for easy energy flow.
  • Avoid televisions and computers in the bedroom as they can be harmful to good night sleep.
  • Use live plants and fresh cut flowers to stimulate the energy. Dried flowers or twigs are dead. Dying plants and flowers can damage the energy as well.


  • Your desk should be supported by a solid wall behind you. Where this is not possible a screen should placed behind the individual.
  • The most senior person should sit in the control position which is diagonally opposite the door.

With progress my skills became valuable not only to my own life but to other people’s as well. My students and clients continually surprise me with Feng Shui `wonders` after implementing the changes I recommend.