Master Kristina’s Core Values​

Mission Statement

As a teacher and former University lecturer, Feng Shui Master and consultant, Life Coach, healer, Author of the book Secrets of Success I would like to make a mission statement.

I like to teach those who are motivated individuals how to create new practices in their lives​.
I would like to show them how to live with responsibility and joy. So that they can enjoy their lives ​ regardless of the constantly challenging circumstances of the day. ​
My students and clients enjoy revived health, successful business and better personal lives as a result.​

My philosophy

Our traditional business model is based on the faulty theory:
The main goal of being in business is to earn money. The capitalistic culture and the entrepreneur economy upon which this goal was built focused on this idea for a long time unwilling to consider any alternative.

I have built my method around a completely different idea:
My aim of being in business is to teach and develop people. 

My Motto to my students:
If you are willing to learn how to embrace and love your life, everything around you will support you and love you back.

How do I develop people?

We create a group/team where the individual can be surrounded with others who are committed to the idea of self-improvement. When my students/clients find themselves around people who are eager and passionate about becoming better human beings it can motivate them for the same.

How do I teach?

The goals of my workshops, presentations are to give you guidelines how to develop yourself. I know what it takes to break free of your limitations in order to experience a better life quality.  

Herewith is the summery of my three core values:

  • Living With Honesty – I do as I​ say
  • The team worker ​in collaboration –​ to be in a team gives me the real potential to be  myself and be creative
  • Responsibility – I am the source of ​everything that I experience

My basic ideas are based on the growth of people. The aim of my lectures and writings is that my audience or the reader will become aware of their talents and abilities in their work and in personal life. I constantly remind the audience to an important fact.
„Your capacity to create the conditions and events in your life is far greater than you are aware of.”

Through interactive discussions with the audience I use a sense of humor and sincerity in my presentations and individual consultations. As a result my performances remain memorable for the vast majority of my audience. 


Some examples of Kristina’s lectures



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