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Feng Shui Interior and House Consultations


Let me tell you about Imperial Feng Shui Consultation

The process of consultation is as important as my professionalism of the consultant, and distinguishes high-quality, authentic Feng Shui from the many dilutions and distractions that have appeared over time.
The Consultant Members of the Chue Foundation are all bound by a strict code of ethics that has it’s roots in the Song dynasty of around 960 AD.

What to expect

You will need to allow up to three hours, and maybe longer. I will first try to ascertain your wishes and concerns during a brief chat inside. Alternatively you can write it to me advice in email.

Your property will be measured using a selection of professional methods, including an evaluation of physical form and position in relation to its surroundings. Critical measurements will also be taken using the Chinese Compass. To assist with the consultation. You are asked to provide a simple sketch of your property layout or floor plan and you have already provided the details of your date of birth.

Once all the necessary measurements have been gathered, they will be reviewed in light of the situation at hand. I will generate a number of charts that will show the various strengths and weaknesses of your property together with likely influences that it will have on its occupants. This information can then be used to determine the major factors that need to be considered when generating a plan for any corrective actions.

With the interpretation complete, you will then be given the recommendations that will create the outcome you are seeking.

Normally, you will be advised to make 3-5 changes of some sort to your property, either inside or out. Recommendations for change will be discussed with you during the consultation to ensure that they fall within both your capabilities and budget.

It is a tradition that an exchange of Chi should take place before the consultation and within the consultation. So the fee for the size of your property minimum £680. This fee have to be previously agreed and will be required as a bank transfer and cash at the end of the consultation. The fee includes the horoscope analyzis of the family with regard to the house.

Residential Feng Shui Consultations

Hourly Rate:

  • Property Selection
  • Apartment
  • Flat
  • House
  • Home Business Survey
  • Home Space Clearing
  • Full Written Report
  • Floor Plans (please supply your own)

If possible we offer discounts to those in genuine need. Contact us. We are always looking for case studies for our students and this can bring the fee down.

15% discount when you order online!

Business Feng Shui Consultations

  • Business Survey
  • Business Space Clearing
  • Business Survey Advanced

Feng Shui Architecture & Interior Design Consultations

Working with your own or our professional designers. Priced according to project. Minimum £1400.

Other Services offered by Master Kristina Neuhauser:

  • Imperial Horoscope Reading
  • Imperial Date Selection
  • Face Reading

Where applicable, agreed travel & accommodation expenses will be charged at cost.