Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui Tips for Autumn

Feng Shui for autumn is all about a gentle transition from the active and fiery summer season to a slow, wet and inward moving time. There is a change in nature now. The new season, autumn is representing a passive period as it is opposite to the activity of the summer. The days are getting shorter, the sunlight is getting weaker. So this change in the energy requires a change in our lifestyle as well. 


Do you know how to accommodate yourself to the changes in nature? Do you know how to balance the autumn season?
The Chinese medicine tells us to pay attention especially to our diet and sleep now.

Just enough sleep is very important for all of us to be energetic and healthy. The best way to get enough sleep in autumn is to go to bed early and to get up a bit later than in summertime.

Chinese wisdom advices us to eat less spicy and salty food in autumn. Eat more seasonal food as always: pumpkin, grapes, apples, pears, blueberries, potatoes. Use the local organic produce and not the imported vegetables or fruits. 


The type of Chi is receiving Chi in autumn.
This means the time of the harvesting and preparing preserves and wine for the winter. Slow down, relax and preserve the Chi for the winter. 

Clean up the leaves
If we let dead leaves stay too long in our garden they will begin to rot and stink. The same is true with other things in our lives. Get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life and clean up the ground for new growth. Dust, clean out closets and get rid of the clutter that is blocking new energy from arriving.

Clutter clearing
Clear and clean up the space around the front door, inside and outside. Make the doorway free. 

Create new energy
Open your windows occasionally during the cooler fall months to let in some fresh air and positive chi.
Allow as much natural light as possible into your home through the window.

Warm Up Your Body
Drink warm teas, eat warm soups and casseroles as well. 



Do you know how to use Feng Shui and space clearing for a healthy and gentle transition for yourself and for your home? Are you ready for the autumn mentally and emotionally?
Please consult me as your Feng Shui Master for best results.
I will advise you how you can use Feng shui tips to clear away the old energy and make space for Sang Chi for the new season. 

Wishing you best health and prosperity!



Here are some useful Feng Shui Hints to minimize the symptoms of negative and weak energy where you live.


  • Keep doors and corridors in homes and offices clear from clutter for easy energy flow.
  • Avoid televisions and computers in the bedroom as they can be harmful to good night sleep.
  • Use live plants and fresh cut flowers to stimulate the energy. Dried flowers or twigs are dead. Dying plants and flowers can damage the energy as well.


  • Your desk should be supported by a solid wall behind you. Where this is not possible a screen should placed behind the individual.
  • The most senior person should sit in the control position which is diagonally opposite the door.

Garden Feng Shui Tips


dc74e477-7585-463b-8966-b383ff09556bGarden Feng Shui principles according to Traditional Chinese Wisdom

  • Use the existing natural landforms, shapes and colours in your garden
  • A well-placed water feature is also advisable
  • The aim is to create a harmonious and peaceful space.

If you are planning to have a water feature in your garden it is the best is to ask Master Kristina about the basic Feng Shui guidelines.

It is better to have the water flow towards your house. To consider many factors such as the size of your garden and its design, the number of fountains you need professional help.

Water is an ancient symbol of wealth and abundance,but you have to know how to make it flow towards your house rather than away from it.

A beautiful Feng Shui garden will have a water feature.
Ask Master Kristina how to design it for your garden. 


Feng Shui and mirrors

In the Western world we may use mirrors to bring the following qualities into our space

  • enlarge a small space
  • promote positive thinking
  • attract wealth
  • reflect the image of beautiful natural environment
  • reflect Chi to create feeling of spaciousness

Be careful though not to use mirrors in bedrooms. It is not considered auspicious to sleep in line with a mirror.

Useful Feng Shui tips for buying a new home: Never place a mirror directly opposite the front door unless specifically advised by an expert. Also note that mirrors opposite each other will always cause conflict.

To sum up my research so far it is better to be cautious and use our common sense before we put up any mirror in a room as we cannot consider it a remedy but rather usage for psychological reasons.