Clutter Clearing

Why clutter clearing

  • Frees up energy and space
  • Destroys disorder
  • Creates new energy
  • New energy = new possibilities

The effects of clutter on you

  • Unnecessary burden: physical, mental, emotional
  • Loss of focus, disorientation
  • Frustration, depression
  • Limitations in space and time
  • Excessive worry, guilt (the more stuff you have, the more attention it needs)
  • Increased burden of responsibility
  • Fear

Practical tips

  • Return everything you borrowed
  • Rid yourself of second copies
  • Think about what you purchase twice: Do I really need it? Do u really like it? Enjoy it?
  • Once you made the decision, act upon it immediately!

Clutter clearing check list

  1. Does it lift my energy?
  2. Do I absolutely love it?
  3. Is it genuinely useful?

Examples of physical clutter

  • Whatever you don’t use every day
  • Clothes that don’t fit
  • Used shoes, socks without pairs
  • Whatever is not working, broken
  • Stuff that you think “you might use one day”
  • Unwanted presents
  • All paperwork “you might use one day”
  • Personal correspondence, Christmas cards from people you don’t even remember
  • Cooking recipes you shall never be able to cook
  • Old newspapers deep down you know you will never read
  • Unfinished projects
  • Empty flower pots, dead flowers
  • Old, used tickets
  • Half-used and expired make up, toiletries, vitamins, medication
  • When too much stuff is jam-packed in to a very little space

Examples of mental clutter

  • Never completed “to-do” lists
  • Stuff you always procrastinate
  • Guilt trips that fix blame on others
  • All thoughts in your head that blame others including yourself
  • Thoughts that help pejoratively judge yourself or others
  • False beliefs, old misconceptions, delusions about people, things, events, etc.
  • Old grudges you cling onto just to blame others

Examples of emotional clutter

  • Fears you always avoid facing
  • Anger that remained unexpressed
  • Stuff you regret over and over and over again
  • All things you accumulate out of fear of loss